Rumors have it the great City of Valdez, Americas Little Switzerland, is resurrecting the WESC event in 2013. WESC gave birth to organizations like International Freeskiers Association (IFSA). Valdez is the place for the Elite to compete.

The History of WESC

Over the years writers and movie makers have asked how and why the World Extreme Skiing Championships (WESC) began. Like all of life, one action created a reaction. WESC was conceived by Michael Cozad in late 1989 while remodeling the Tsaina Lodge but it was friends, corporate sponsors, and hundreds of Valdez citizens that made WECS come to life. WESC was fortunate to happen and this site provides the articles and history of the event as witnessed by sports writers from Powder, Skiing to the Anchorage Daily Newspaper. 

As Eric Perlman wrote in 1991 in Skiing Magazine WESC “defined a sport."

"Between the charms of Valdez, the ballsy competitors, and slopes that would make you wet your Gore-Tex, the first ever extreme kiing contest wasn't such a lame idea after all." Steve Casimiro. Powder Magazine Sept 1991

"If anyone falls on the steep stuff you can damn near pick them up at the bottom of the mountain. It's that steep," said Dave Decker, rescue coordinator, Anchorage Daily News, April 10, 1991

If anyone has additional stories on WESC please send them to this site so we can add them. We have posted the stories as images and PDFs and provided fairly hi resolution images. Enjoy the site and history.

We hope the athletes and volunteers find this material as history to their commitment and involvement. If people have additional materials please send them so the material can be added to this historical site. We know there are additional stories and would like to add them. There were many moving parts that made WESC happen.